Assessment Test

Background Decision’s FirstView online assessment test is an advanced tool that quickly determines whether a candidate has the right characteristics to succeed in a particular type of job.

FirstView measures seven work-related interpersonal competencies and general reasoning skills. 

Helps you determine the right candidate seamlessly and easily.

FirstView Measures:

Rules.  Consistency, ability to deal with change, need for structure, ability to follow rules and policies
Extroversion.  Need to work with others, communication of enthusiasm, ability to talk or listen
Assertiveness.  Decision making, selling and closing abilities, ability to handle confrontation, willingness to take direction from others
Teaming.  Teamwork, collaboration with others, competitiveness
Sensitivity.  Emotional stability, handling of criticism and feedback, dealing with stress
Organization.  Planning, spontaneity, time management attitudes, ability to handle details
Social Desirability.  An internal validity scale to determine if the candidate is being frank with their answers
Cognitive Ability.  An overall aggregate measure of cognitive skills
Comparison to 15 Job Categories
FirstView predicts candidate performance by comparing to behavior that has been observed as most effective in 15 job categories: persuasive sales, management, financial, healthcare, production, telemarketing sales, customer service, information technology, food service, warehouse, retail sales, administrative, engineering, hospitality and driver.
Custom Interview Questions
FirstView’s assessment test allows you to customize interview questions and scoring parameters based on the position you are hiring for, helping you probe deeper into potential deficiencies in the job interview.