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Background Decision has a rich history that began with credit reporting back in 1926. We started then as a regional provider of credit information which helped financial institutions evaluate whether or not prospective loan applicants had an ability to pay. Over the years, we have expanded to become a recognized national provider of credit reporting services, and today we offer much more, such as tenant credit checks.

Credit reports continue to be a mainstay of our service offering to the multi-family housing community. Through our relationship and tight integrations with TransUnion & Experian, our clients can leverage easy-to-read credit report formats to aid in making rental decisions. These records can easily be scored used a traditional FICO score, or with available customized scoring.

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CUSTOM SCORING: Background Decision can help speed leasing decisions and ensure consistency through the implementation of customized scoring. Our technology platform will analyze elements from the application and credit report to determine pass, fail, or needs review results.