criminal background check

Background Decision is proud of the international network of criminal information we can deliver to our clients. Our team can help you understand the significant options available for criminal background checks, so that you can zero in on the methodology that best balances your demand for due diligence with your need for speed.

Court Records.
Our nationwide retrieval network can provide access to court records anywhere in the United States
Federal Records.
Background Decision will provide detailed records of federal district court convictions against your applicant either by state and / or nationwide.
National CrimeNet.
This option searches a database of more than half a billion criminal records compiled from over 300 different sources. Data sources vary by state but may include state and county court dockets, incarceration records, and traffic violations.
Sex Offender Registry.
We have access to detailed information from across the nation.
International Records.
We can search for criminal records in over 200 foreign countries.

Our most popular criminal search method is called SmartDecision-MAX. This package includes a Social Security Validation to confirm the applicant’s social security number and provide previous addresses. We then perform a Criminal Records Check in each of those addresses that were used during the time period specified (typically 7 years). Next we run our National CrimeNet electronic criminal database search. Finally, our Nationwide Sex Offender Check and Patriot Act Searches are performed.

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