tenant screening

Background Decision offers customized scoring solutions that can be set by property depending on the community and vacancy demands. Our scoring speeds the rental decision for leasing managers by instantly identifying qualified applicants. In addition, the process flags others for a more thorough review by senior management.

Our Tenant Scorecard provides an automated means to quickly and efficiently analyze credit history, criminal records, and eviction history of applicants. One advantage of customization is that the property can choose to exclude medical and/or student loan information to better gauge applicants income to debt ratio.

No software to install! Enjoy a seamless integration with our tenant screening system.

Custom Scoring Solutions Decision Factors Can Include:

Credit Score
Income to Rent
Income to Debt (with or without rent)
Delinquencies (number or percent)
Collections / Charge Off (number or percent)
Presence of Eviction History Identified in Tenant Selection Plan
Income Verification
custom scoring

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