Utilizing Background Decision’s driving records search, companies are able to identify poor driving decisions by applicants. Irresponsible drivers can inflict tremendous damage on your company which can lead to expensive litigation, high insurance premiums, and a damaged reputation in the community. Our nationwide network of facilities can search personal or commercial license records in any of the 45 states that make these records available. All results are formatted and returned in compliance with the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).

Our searches uncover a variety of infractions, accidents, violations, endorsements, and restrictions:

Common Violations

Driver Unlicensed
Driving While License Suspended / Revoked (DWLS/R)
No Valid Driver’s License
Operate Mobile Phone in Motor Vehicle (OP MV)
Reckless Driving

Common Endorsements

Combined Hazmat / Tank
Double / Triple Trailers
School Bus
Transport Liquids or Gasses in Cargo Tanks

Common Restrictions

Cannot Drive Class A Buses
Corrective Lenses
Daylight Driving Only
Outside Mirrors
No Air Brakes

For companies investigating Commercial Drivers Licenses, our CDL-IQ service will uncover up to three states where your applicant holds (or has held) a commercial drivers license.

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