According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the average workplace implementing drug testing can reduce work injuries by over 50%. Background Decision can help your company if you are just beginning a program or if you are looking for an experienced provider with a nationwide network of facilities.

Background Decision offers several types of testing:

  • Urine Testing. 5, 10 panel tests available,


  • Hair Follicle Testing.


  • Oral Fluid Testing.


DOT Compliance Programs. Background Decision offers random drug testing, employment verification, and training programs that are customized to meet DOT requirements.


MRO Review. Employers can insulate themselves from potential ADA claims by having positive results reviewed by a medical doctor who can determine if the positive result is caused by a legally issued prescription.


Electronic Chain of Custody. This alternative to the traditional multi-part form can streamline your process and increase the speed of dispatching and applicant for testing.


Drug Free Workplace Programs. Background Decision can help you design and manage a drug free workplace program at your work sites.