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Background Decision’s convenient system delivers the ability to automate the complexities of the Electronic Form i9 process to keep you fully compliant with 8 CFR Part 274A. Our cutting edge platform delivers tools to speed the accurate completion of forms, electronic scanning to update record filing, technology to import and index an existing archive of paper i9’s, and a proactive alert system to manage expiring documents. What’s more, the system is fully integrated with our background screening web portal allowing users to conveniently move applicants from screening to onboarding at the touch of a button.

Electronic Form i9 & E-Verify

Electronic Form i9.

Background Decision provides innovative processes that ensures all of the information you need to make a hiring decision is easily accessible and simplified for painless onboarding.

Electronic signature and storage of the Form i9
Error-detecting messages & warnings
Automated expiring document alerts
Section 3 update / re-verification capabilities
Integrates with current Applicant Tracking Systems


Clients of Background Decision can access integrated E-Verify screening from either the Electronic Form i9 or as a standalone service. From initial planning to successful implementation, we assist employers through the E-Verify MOU completion process and provide all of the necessary training and documentation required for E-Verify access.

E-Verify employer agent for web services
Easy one-click or automatic E-Verify processing
Photo tool document retention alerts
Management alerts – TNC’s, updates and case closures
No E-Verify testing or tutorials required

I9 Auditing & Consulting Services.

Clients of Background Decision can access our highly trained and experienced i9 audit team. Utilizing a mock audit approach, our team can reveal issues before they become costly findings.

Identify error, omissions and / or discrepancies
Uncover expired work documents
Identify missing i9’s
Locate purgeable i9’s and future purge dates
Step-by-step remediation instructions

Remote Hiring Solutions. 

Remote hiring is becoming increasingly popular with the modern workforce across many industries. I9 Connect will help to ease one of the challenges you face during the onboarding of your remote hires, employment eligibility verification, and form i9 compliance.

100% cloud based and can be accessed via tablets, smart phones, and laptops
Access to our partner network of over 14,000 well-trained, notarized Form i9 experts
Various signing options ie. mouse, stylus, finger
Reduction in i9 process time from days to minutes with i9 Connect
14,000 notaries available within our Notary Network Partner on i9 Connect to help complete Section 2

Electronic Storage & Historical Form Conversion. 

Our 24/7 electronic storage application has the ability to turn your paper trail into a 100% electronic system. Converting to a digital platform allows the automatic alert system to notify when documents are forecasted to expire.