Brokers who have unreported bankruptcies have worse disciplinary records than the industry norm.  -NAIC Regulation

Background Decision is an approved provider of NAIC biographical affidavit verification.

The NAIC has developed strict standards for screening individuals who will hold top executive level positions in a new insurance company. Their requirements also apply to the expansion of an existing insurance company.

Applicants must complete a comprehensive biographical affidavit, and that information must be thoroughly vetted and verified. Background Decision is among an elite group of firms that have been approved to vet affiants and verify the biographical affidavit.

Our industry leading NAIC Background Check package matches the required standards. It consists of a thorough multi-layer criminal check, and a search for additional public records such as civil records and UCC filings. We also confirm licensure and verify membership in professional associations. All components are processed and reported in accordance with the NAIC best practice standards.

While the comprehensive nature of NAIC checks can make them more expensive than a regular background check, our streamlined approach and efficiency has made Background Decision’s program affordable. In addition, many companies are also entitled to a discounted rate.

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