In a competitive job market, some applicants will do what they can to stand out on their resumes. Unfortunately, many of the items listed on some applicants resumes are embellished, exaggerated, or false. Background Decision offers complete resume verification services to confirm information from prospective employees is accurate. Our team of verifiers comb through all aspects of a resume and thoroughly check the validity of applicant’s information.

Background Decision is able to contact prior employers, schools and universities, listed references, and many other agencies to ensure you have all the information you need to base your hiring decision. There are seven key areas within our resume verification services: employment history, educations verification, professional license verification, professional references, i9 & e-verify, social security validation, military service verification, and worker’s compensation verification.

Employment History

Name of Prior / Current Employers
Job Titles
Dates of Employment
Reasons for Leaving
Feedback From Prior Employer

Education Verification

Degree Confirmation
Dates of Graduation
Special Academic Hours

Social Security Validation

Confirm Name to Corresponding Social Security Number
Provide Previous Address of Applicant
Provide Any Alias Name Associated with the Social Security Number

Professional References

Online or Phone Questionnaire to Verify Professional Relationship

Worker’s Comp Verification

History of Worker’s Compensation Claims

Military Service Verification

Deliver an Official Copy of Applicant’s Military Record
Confirm Discharge Type Listed on DD-214

I-9 / E-Verify

Confirm Eligibility of Employment

Professional License Verification

Confirm Validity
Confirm Professional Credentials

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