tenant screening

Until now, Property managers needed to choose between speed or quality. With Background Decision, you can have both plus an unbeatable combination of technology and data sources. Our services deliver high quality background checks at an expedited turnaround speed!

Property Managers can leverage our system to consistently select quality residents who will pay on time. Whether you’re seeking criminal records, eviction history, or credit data, Background Decision’s customize-able technology can deliver tailored bundles to support both affordable and market properties. In addition, clients can develop personalized risk scoring models which match the selection criteria down to the property level.

Most clients sign on to our secure system to place orders, however our secure XML gateway can allow our system to be integrated with most property management systems. If desired, our team can even build an online application.

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CRIMINAL CHECKS. Background Decision gives you the options you need to create a risk-based screening program that can vary by property.
resume verification
VERIFICATION SERVICES. Background Decision’s team of experts can provide a practical & impartial method of verifying applicant information. These services include verification of current employment and verifying previous rental history.
credit reports
CREDIT REPORTS. With almost a century of history in the credit industry, nobody does more to help you evaluate the credit capacity of applicants.
CUSTOM SCORING. Background Decision can help speed leasing decisions and ensure consistency through the implementation of customized scoring. Our technology platform will analyze elements from the application and credit report to determine pass, fail, or needs review results.
eviction notice
EVICTION RECORDS. Background Decision can deliver an instant search of our national database including nearly 30 Million eviction records from 44 different states. In addition, we can leverage our researcher network to manually search eviction records in any state.
XML INTEGRATION. Our technology platform is integrated with many leading property management systems, or we offer an out of the box electronic application that can be sent to applicants to collect form entries and signatures electronically.

DO YOU OWN OR MANAGE LESS THAN 20 UNITS? Restrictions by the credit bureaus have created a challenge for smaller landlords, especially those without a dedicated commercial office. Talk to an expert below to learn about our customized solutions for smaller landlords that allow you to still get the applicant’s full credit report.