Most background screening companies offer the same cookie-cutter packages to all types of businesses, without considering industry specific requirements. Background Decision delivers a refreshingly different approach. Our team is knowledgeable in the screening requirements of many different industries, and can create highly customized solutions to help you comply.

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Safety is paramount in the transportation industry. Background Decision understands the unique compliance obligations of this highly regulated industry, and we have tools to improve your compliance, increase safety, and expedite the overall candidate selection process. From detailed criminal checks and drug testing, to driving records and accident history research, Background Decision has the tools to help you effectively screen new hires. In addition, we also offer services to help you manage drivers/pilots after the initial hire. These include building the required employee files, random drug testing, and ongoing driver records monitoring.

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Regulatory compliance is imperative to financial institutions, and Background Decision is an expert in the screening obligations of this highly scrutinized industry. We deliver an unmatched menu of services combined with expert intelligence which helps financial institutions meet their obligations quickly and effectively.

Background Decision has serviced this industry for decades, and we have adapted our technology to conveniently support compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, USA Patriot Act, and the requirements of regulators like FDIC, NCUA and OCC. For specific positions, we can also easily adapt our offering to help you meet the special requirements of the secondary mortgage market and securities regulators.


Background Decision is one of only a handful of companies who have met the stringent requirement to perform NAIC Biographical Affidavit Verification for the Insurance Industry.


Background Decision understands the complexities of screening and monitoring employees in the securities industry. Click here to learn about our FINRA screening options.

Healthcare providers are not only concerned about the welfare of their patients, but also about the safety of their own employees. Background Decision is highly experienced at helping healthcare facilities achieve this balance without compromising speed and efficiency. In addition, we offer a number of specialized services to help with the credentialing of medical staff. These types of checks can be performed domestically within the US, and we also offer similar searches in nearly 200 foreign countries.

An additional challenge facing healthcare providers is drug abuse and theft. Individuals with an existing substance abuse problem create additional risk due to the accessibility of drugs and/or drug samples in the workplace. We can help you customize your screening program to include additional services like drug testing for certain positions.

Background Decision understands the state and federal regulations imposed on healthcare entities, and how these obligations vary by position. Let our team of experts demonstrate how our technology platform can be easily customized to help you achieve compliance while also meeting the stringent accreditation requirements of the Joint Commission.

Higher education institutions seek to ensure a safe learning environment for students & faculty that allows them to focus on their core goal of delivering quality education in line with the reputation and traditions of their organization. A good background check provider plays a significant role in this by performing comprehensive checks that not only identify potential risks, but also validate the credentials of prospective candidates. Background Decision has insightful experience in supporting higher education institutions with their screening programs. We can help you develop a program that not only meets the criminal search requirements of your state, but also goes beyond the bare minimums to ensure that detailed searches are performed in additional jurisdictions when appropriate. Our system can also be customized to conveniently adapt our checks to include the proper variations for different job types including faculty, staff, janitorial, security, and extra-curricular staff, all at the touch of a button.

Background Decision’s knowledge of compliance and policy development has been recognized by industry associations like CUPA-HR and SHRM. Let our team of experts demonstrate how our technology platform can help you increase hiring efficiency and improve legal compliance at your institution.

Not only is it important for Manufacturers to provide competitive pricing and fast turnaround to their customers, but they also have to do so in a safe work environment. Background Decision’s suite of drug testing options, robust criminal capabilities, and instant access to driving records can help you quickly and effectively screen new hires at competitive rates. Our team of experts can also help you create a risk-based approach to your screening that conveniently adapts the scope of checks based on the position you’re hiring for. The results are increased speed for your HR teams, as well as a safe and efficient workplace. Effective screening can also have a sizeable impact on employee turnover and workers compensation claims.

Let our team of experts demonstrate how our technology platform can increase efficiency and improve results for your manufacturing operations.

Construction companies are expected to provide competitive pricing and fast turnaround to their clients, but they must also do it within a safe work environment. Our team can help you understand the significant options available for criminal checks and drug testing, so that you can zero in on the methodology that best balances due diligence with your need for speed. We can even help you develop job-specific variations which fluctuate depending on the risk associated with the position you’re hiring for. The end result for your company is increased HR efficiency, a safe work environment, and maximized speed.

Let our team of experts demonstrate how our technology platform can save you time and money while improving the legal compliance of your construction company.

Like most employers, those in the life sciences industry want to hire workers who have been truthful about their resume, and don’t present a threat to safety. In addition, pharmaceutical companies face the imminent threat of lost intellectual property due to competitor espionage. According to the FBI, an estimated “$2 billion to $400 billion in technologies, inventions, and intellectual property are stolen every year through an invisible network of corporate espionage by a multitude of actors” including employees. In addition to the threats to safety and security, the industry also faces the threat of hiring an activist who might be seeking to disrupt animal testing or the development of certain drugs.

Background Decision’s comprehensive background screening options can help you identify those individuals who present a risk to safety and security. These types of checks can be performed domestically in the United States, and we offer similar searches in nearly 200 foreign countries. We also understand that many laboratories have access to drugs and/or drug samples, which can attract individuals with a substance abuse problem. We can help you customize your screening program to include additional services like drug testing for certain positions.

Let our team of experts help you create a customized program that delivers efficiency to your HR team while also complying with the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.